I am Brahman is a new book by Maurice Anslow published by O Books in September 2010. It is an inspired quest into the heart of the non-dual reality. This deeply personal journey discovers the essentials in religion, science and art, all of which point to the Advaitin truth that consciousness itself is the basis of all existence. Its short but visceral journey includes mystical experiences in India and goes deeper than ever before to describe what it is like to experience Brahman – the great Oneness of which we are a part. Rather than trudge the path of other, descriptive books about non-duality, I am Brahman takes wings and carries the reader from the banks of the Ganges into the poetry of the soul. Here is what science has been looking for and the theology to unite all faiths…

Face your own reality at the Ghats

Down on the banks of the Ganges at Varanasi you enter into a different dimension of time and space. There really is nowhere like it. Here on these ghats is a world so raw, so surreal, that it borders on the frightening. However did the Hindus create such a juncture of this world and the… read more

Distribution of I am Brahman

I am Brahman is released today and is distributed in the UK and Europe by Orca Book Services, in the USA and Canada by NBN, in Australia and New Zealand by Brumby Books and in the Far East by Pansing Distribution.  I am Brahman has already gone into French translation which will be published by… read more

The Transpersonal Approach To Healing

Maurice Anslow, author of I am Brahman, has taken his knowledge of Indian philosophy into his hypnotherapy practice in England.  Transpersonal hypnotherapy has now become the leading edge of the whole integrative approach to psychology.  By bringing a client to experience their own true reality – or “centre” – the therapist obtains a much deeper… read more